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31 May 2011 

The Paired Product Estimator for normalizing constants of Gibbs distributions [pdf]

Greek stochastics γ

Crete, Greece


29 Mar 2011 

Partially Recursive Acceptance Rejection [pdf]

Algebra, Number Theory, and Combinatorics Seminar

Claremont, CA


8 Mar 2011 

Adaptive Monte Carlo Methods for Numerical Integration [pdf]

Natural Sciences Colloquium, Pepperdine University

Malibu, USA

10 Feb 2011 

Perfect simulation with PRAR [pdf]

Information Theory and Applications, UC San Diego

San Diego, USA


9 Jan 2011 

Fast approximate counting of linear extensions [pdf]

Joint Mathematics Meetings, AMS Session on Probability

New Orleans, USA


8 Jan 2011 

What I wish I knew before my job search [pdf]

Joint Mathematics Meetings, Panel discussion

New Orleans, USA


27 Oct 2010 

Randomized adaptive cooling schedules for Monte Carlo integration [pdf]

UC Santa Barbara Statistics and Applied Probability Seminar

Santa Barbara, USA


9 Oct 2010 

Near linear time perfect simulation of corrugated surfaces [pdf]

Fall Western Sectional AMS Meeting, UCLA

Los Angeles, USA


20 Aug 2010 

Using TPA for Monte Carlo integration [pdf]

9th International Conference on Monte Carlo and Quasi-Monte Carlo Methods

Warsaw, Poland


5 Jun 2010 

Using TPA for Bayesian inference [pdf]

Ninth Vaelncia/Tenth ISBA World Meeting

Benidorm, Spain


14 Apr 2010 

Adaptive cooling schedules for the product estimator [pdf]

UC Santa Cruz Applied Mathematics and Statistics Colloquium

Santa Cruz, USA

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