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Foundations of Data Science

Foundations of Data Science is a text designed for a one-semester course in introductory data science for students who have some familiarity with programming already.  The course is designed to be partially flipped, in the sense that it is designed to be about two-thirds lectures, and one-third laboratory experiments done using the open source language R and the tidyverse.

The book is heavily based upon the structure of R for Data Science, by Hadley Wickham and Garrett Grolemund.  The main difference is that this text is aimed at a freshman college level, and so contains more structured definitions, and each chapter is intended to be one lecture rather than completely cover a single concept.


Moreover, this text contains a brief introduction to SQL, and shows how it relates to doing data science in the tidyverse.

Open Access

The book is free to download, print, and use. 

Foundations of Data Science

Mark Huber

(Version 2020-07-01)

[online pdf]

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