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Probability:  Lectures and Labs

Probability:  Lectures and Labs is a text designed for a one-semester course in probability for students who have taken a one-semester course in Linear Algebra at the college level.  The course is designed to be partially flipped, in the sense that it is designed to be about two-thirds lectures, and one-third laboratory experiments done using the open source language R.

The book is self-contained, but moves rapidly through subjects such as set notation, assuming that the student has already seen it before.

Why another probability book?

I teach most of the probability and statistics courses at Claremont McKenna College, and what I found in my teaching is there is a large disconnect between what probability courses cover and what statistics and advanced probability courses actually need.  In this modern world, more students will be trying their hand at data science and very few will need to calculate the probability of a full house.  This book is the result.

Open Access

The book is free to download, print, and use. 

Probability:  Lectures and Labs (Version 2023-07-06)

Mark Huber

[online pdf]

Printed Version

You may also purchase the printed version through Amazon.

Probability:  Lectures and Labs

Mark Huber

ISBN-13: 979-8674518877

[link to Amazon]


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